Here at Cema Vending we can provide an extensive range of refreshment solutions for schools. With a wide variety of water, vending and coffee machines, we can find a solution that will be suitable for any school environment and meet your requirements.

Looking for a staff room office water dispenser for your school? We have a variety of water machines suitable for school offices, staff rooms, canteens and in corridors. From plumbed in or bottled coolers, to wall mounted or tank water boilers. We can even provide water taps.

How about a vending machine for your school to provide staff, students and visitors with sweet, savoury or healthy treats and drink options. And a hot drinks machine is a staple for any staff room! Whether it’s freestanding or table top, fresh milk or bean to cup, we have a range of hot drinks machines for schools.

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School Refreshment Solutions

School Vending Machines

We understand that demand for healthier food in schools is high, and that it can be a struggle to get healthy options out for each student in such short amount of time. With break times usually only lasting 15 minutes and lunch just half an hour, plus the high-volume schools have to cater for, it seems like the canteen queue is never ending. Which is why we can offer healthy vending machines in schools.

From fruit and veg to popcorn and cereal bars and sugar free drinks. Talk to us about our healthy vending machine snacks in schools and promote better eating habits at your school, college or university.

We can also offer vending machines to supply books to students. Encourage students to engage in more reading in a creative way with book vending machines.

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Water Machines for Schools

Children and teens are susceptible to dehydration and often need to be reminded to drink water. Dehydration can lead to light-headedness, dizziness and tiredness which can cause poor concentration and productivity. Having access to clean, drinking water in schools for both students and staff is important.

With options from foot pedal controls to push buttons, our water coolers are hygienic and robust and suitable for any school, college or university environment.

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Hot Drinks for Schools

Our hot drinks machines are the perfect addition for any staff room, reception area, college, or university. Ensure you offer tasty, high quality hot drinks for all staff, students or visitors each time with a reliable hot drink machine.

We have machines that can make frothy lattes, smooth cappuccinos, velvety hot chocolates and more, all at the push of a button. Get your caffeine hit in seconds with a machine that suits your needs and environment. Maybe it’s a table top bean to cup machine in the staff room, and a robust floor standing machine in the reception. Whatever your requirements are you can be assured that Cema Vending can meet them.

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