Did you know that less than 40% of all payment transactions are now made using cash?

Our range of cashless and contactless vending machines ensure a variety of payment options for safe, hassle-free vending that everyone can enjoy. While our vending machines still accept traditional coins, they also have the option for cashless, contactless, Apple Pay technology.

Our contactless and cashless vending machines are available for purchase or for rental to businesses in Nottingham, Derby, Leicester and throughout the East Midlands and are suitable for a wide variety of commercial premises and workplaces.

Our range of contactless vending machines

Contactless features can be added any of our vending machines, check out our range of compatible food and drinks vending machines...

Our contactless vending machine technology

Nayax VPOS Touch device accepting:

  • Credit/debit cards
  • Pre-paid cards
  • Mobile app payments
  • QR codes Transactions
  • Contactless and swipe transactions

Nayax Card Reader

Payment Quick Facts!

  • 1/3 of adults pay through their mobile or smart watch
  • Only 23% of payments in 2019 used cash
  • 83% of people in the UK use contactless payments
  • There are 135M contactless cards in circulation

Benefits of contactless vending machines

You may not need much convincing when it comes to contactless payment for your vending machines, but in case you’ve yet to upgrade your machine, here’s some of the many benefits cashless vending can provide to businesses, no matter your industry.

Long before the invention of contactless payment, the use of cash began steadily declining since debit cards first stepped onto the scene. Throw contactless payments into the mix and most people may find themselves rarely needing to use an ATM and therefore have less cash or ‘change’ to pay for smaller purchases.

Providing contactless payment options in the workplace, for such technologies as a vending machine allows for employees and visitors to enjoy snacks, drinks and even hot and cold meals at the convenience of a single tap.

If you’re one of the many workplaces who are trying to resume as normal pre-pandemic, and invite employees back into the office, you may be wondering how you can improve the health and safety of staff and visitors.

Cashless and contactless vending, whether it’s an upgrade or a new machine, gives you the ability to decrease the number of touch points someone needs to use when ordering their food or drink, ensuring there is less risk of transmitting germs.

Have you found yourself spending time (that you don’t have) counting cash from the office vending machine? Installing a contactless card reader will not only save you hours counting the pounds, all profits from the machine go straight to your businesses bank account.

Less physical cash in the machine also means there is less risk of damage and theft, resulting in the loss of profit that could have otherwise been invested back into the business.

Why choose our cashless vending machines?

Thanks to the invention of contactless, chip and pin, and now Apple / Google pay, carrying cash has become virtually obsolete, which has had an impact on the vending machine industry. To meet the growing demand of contactless payments, we can upgrade your existing machine or hire, lease and sell you both new and used vending machines with cashless payment options.

Vending machines are ideal if you want to give staff and visitors, food and drink options without the need for a dedicated canteen area. Our contactless vending machines have some nifty features, aside from pure convenience and time saving that cashless payments present, there’s even a system to allow free drinks for staff which is great for team morale!

That’s not all! Our team at Cema Vending are in it for the long haul, we don’t just deliver your product and get on our way, our specialist team of engineers are there when you need us to maintain, repair, and clean or even offer expert advice on the best vending solution.

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