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What can we offer?

  • Fruit
  • Water
  • Buffets
  • Fresh Cakes
  • Catering Van Hire

We have introduced office food deliveries because we passionately believe that a fantastic refreshment offering is key to building a strong workplace culture. In turn that boosts morale and productivity, and enhances employee wellbeing.

Cema Vending, and our sister company R+R Hub combine to provide office food deliveries across Nottingham, Derby, Leicester and throughout the East Midlands. A unique, one stop, complete solution for all of your workplace needs. Available via our online ordering portal, Workplace Refreshments.

When it comes to maximising your employees’ potential, creating an environment that inspires them is a major factor to consider. One of the best ways to boost your team’s morale and performance is with the help of our regular food and drink delivery service.

Whether it’s fruit, water and hot drinks, buffets or even a tasty treat box, we’ve got you covered with our fresh office food deliveries.

Regular refreshments that your employees can tuck into at their own convenience play a huge part in helping to facilitate a culture based on health, care and also a wider commitment to simply ensuring that the working day is a pleasure for everyone.

The great news is that all of our refreshment options are available as a one off or weekly delivery, enabling you to order to suit the needs of your employees and your workplace.

You can place orders 24 hours a day using our online customer ordering portal where you can also save a list of your favourites for convenience when reordering.


Key Features:

  • Sign up for a credit account
  • Add several users under one master account
  • View historical orders and invoices
  • Favourite products for fast checkout next time
  • Order buffets
  • Subscribe to regular fruit & water deliveries

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