We have an extensive range of refreshment solutions suitable for hospitals. With a wide variety of water, vending and coffee machines to choose from, no matter your requirements, we’ll have a refreshment solution for your hospital.

A water cooler is a necessity for any hospital to allow busy nurses and doctors to quickly grab a refreshing drink of water and stay hydrated throughout their shift. Or allow patients and visitors to help themselves to water 24/7. We have a variety of water coolers for hospitals, from plumbed in or bottled coolers, to wall mounted or tank water boilers. We can even provide water taps for your hospital staff rooms and canteens.

Why not add a vending machine onsite to help fuel your staff and get them through their busy shifts, and patients and visitors who may be faced with long waiting times or fancy a treat between hospital meals. With options from sweet, savoury or even healthy snacks and drinks, we’ll be able to stock a vending machine with something for everyone.

And what about those staff, patients and visitors who need their daily hit of caffeine? With choices of freestanding or table top, fresh milk or bean to cup, our range of hot drinks machines will complement any hospital setting. For more information contact our team today on 01157 845 845 to discuss your requirements.

Hospital Refreshment Solutions

Hospital Vending Machines

Hospitals are a fast-paced environment where many people, staff, patients, and visitors may find it difficult to find the time to get themselves something to eat and drink. This is where our hospital vending machines come in. The ability to grab and go as they go about their day is game changing for busy environments like hospitals. And it’s an important game changer too, for professionals like nurses and doctors, having a full stomach, and being energised and hydrated can reduce chances of mistakes and will increase concentration and productivity.

When choosing a vending machine for hospitals it’s important to promote wellness whilst also offering a variety of options to suit many different tastes. If it’s a patient getting peckish in the waiting room or a staff member looking for something nutritious that will give them a boost to see them through to the end of the day.

Our vending machines for hospitals can stock healthy snacks, sweet or savoury snacks, and drinks. Whether it’s an apple a day to keep the doctors away, or a sneaky KitKat on your break, we’ve got you covered.

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Hospital Water Machines

Proper hydration is important for everyone, but we understand it can be easily forgotten about when you’re a nurse working a busy long shift, or a visitor sitting besides a loved one. This is where a hospital water cooler comes in.

In a matter of seconds, you can have a refreshing cup of water in your hands without even interrupting your day. Our bottled coolers can be placed anywhere if a main connection isn’t available. We can also supply table top and free-standing water coolers for hospitals so no matter the location, we’ll have something for you.

Have team member that disagree over which brand of tea or coffee is the best? With one of our water boilers, they can bring in their own from home and end the debates! We can also provide taps which boast features such as cool, boiling, ambient or sparkling.

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Hospital Hot Drinks Machines

Re-energise with caffeine to get staff through their night shift or visitors and patients through their stays! We can offer instant, bean to cup or fresh milk coffee machines for hospitals that can have your drink to you in seconds. Perfect for those busy situations and avoids queues from forming. Our hot drinks machines are high quality, reliable and boast an extensive range. From tea to lattes, mochas and hot chocolates, our hot drinks machines are perfect any situation.

Hot drinks machines are a must have for any hospital. And with options to hire, rent or purchase, have regular replenishing or do it yourself, you can build a solution that’s completely tailored to you.

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