Our Memberships

Cema Vending is a member of Associated Vending Services (AVS), a group of independent, privately owned vending machine companies. As an AVS member, our customers have the reassurance that we’re an experienced and professional business whose services have been closely vetted and quality assured. Our AVS membership also means we can provide national coverage by entering into reciprocal agreements with other members throughout the UK for servicing and maintenance.

We Do Our Bit For The Environment

  • We’re conscious about the impact we make on the environment, which is why we have implemented a variety of methods and systems from recycling schemes to minimising our carbon footprint.
  • Starting with our engineers journey, we carefully plan and calculate their day so that they are producing as little CO2 emissions as possible by doing as little mileage as possible.
  • We have installed cup sensors on our vending machines in the office to minimise our waste by using our own reusable ceramic cups.
  • We also collect all of our cardboard packaging which is then taken by a third party company each month to a recycling centre.
  • We reuse the boxes we receive from suppliers for items such as coffee cups, by packaging our wholesale items and sending them to our customers.
  • All of our pallets are taken by a company who recycle and rebuild them in order to then redistribute them throughout the pallet network.

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