Seeking a fresh range of drinks for your premises? Chill! We’ve got you covered.

We provide a wide selection of cold drink vending machines, available for purchase or rental that will keep staff happy and hydrated. Our range of cold drink vending machines include cash and contactless payment technology, adjustable heights to accommodate any size of can or bottle and a ‘first in-first’ out feature where products are vended based on expiry date.

Feel refreshed with our range of cold drink vending machines

Whatever your requirement, we have the perfect cold drink vending machine to meet your needs. We also offer a fully managed cold drink machine hire service to businesses in Nottingham, Derby, Leicester and throughout the East Midlands, where we manage every part of your vending solution, including supply, installation, maintenance and servicing.

This ensures that your vending machine is kept in prime condition and works perfectly every single time.

For more information on our cold drink machine hire service or to purchase one of our cold drink vending machines, please contact our team today on 01157 845 845 to discuss your requirements.

Crane Bev Max 4 35 selection

  • Illuminated glass front
  • Accepts cash and card
  • Loaded and vended without adjusting the set up

Crane Bev Max 4 45 selection

  • Illuminated glass front
  • Accepts cash and card
  • Self-containing modular refrigeration desk
Westomatic Elevate

Westomatic Elevate

  • 7” touch screen
  • Media advertising on screen
  • Height adjustable so any bottle can be accommodated

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