Contained within one seamless system, the comprehensive features and functionality mean we can have full control and efficient management so that you get the most out of your machines.

Delivering concrete results quickly, we will make informed decisions based on the data and reports provided by our software. Our machines are loaded to a pre-determined plan so we get visibility of best sellers, and non-sellers, and can adjust your machine stock accordingly.

Rest assured that you’ll never be left without your favourite drink or snack. Our real time staff location feature allows us to see where operators are in their schedule of maintenance jobs. And in the unforeseen event of any absences, jobs can switch from one operator to another instantaneously, ensuring you don’t miss out on those all important visits.

Your machine will always be kept in the best condition possible with our complete service call history records. Enabling us to identify areas of improvement, whether it be staff training or any underlying machine issues.

How we use our system

  • Real time staff location
  • Pre-determined plan of machine stock
  • Machine performance reports
  • Real time service call logging, with email updates
  • Cashless units with live sales reports
  • Scheduled maintenance tasks
  • Instantaneous route replanning
  • Service call history
  • Fully integrated stock management system

For more information on our fully managed vending machine service, please contact our team today on 01157 845 845 to discuss your requirements.

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