Nayax Card Reader for your vending machine

As approved distributors of the Nayax VPOS Touch card reader, we currently charge £450* plus delivery!

The Nayax VPOS card reader fits onto any vending machine and is perfect if you’re looking to upgrade your vending machine to create a safer and more efficient snacking experience.

Your monthly subscription fee of £10.00 and transaction charge of 2.95% will be deducted from your Nayax payments.

Simply add onto your existing account or we can create a new one for you. And you’re all set!

*Price is excluding VAT

Nayax Card Reader Features

  • Colour Touchscreen – Fitted with gorilla glass to safeguard the device from vandalism, the VPOS Touch has a high-resolution colour touchscreen to engage consumers.
  • A Complete Solution – VPOS Touch monitors machines in real-time with continuously updated information such as inventory, cash monitoring, alerts and reports.
  • Plug and Play – Easy to install and can be retrofitted on any vending machine.
  • Voice Interaction – The VPOS Touch features voice capabilities with voice interactions in local languages, and can display two languages.
  • Secure Communications and 24/7 Connection – With the inclusion of LTE and 4G your business is always protected, allowing operators to maintain a continuous connection to their machines.
  • Multiple Payment Methods – such as credit/debit cards, pre-paid cards, mobile app payments, QR code transactions, contactless and swipe transactions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you add a card reader to any vending machine?

Yes, you can add a card read to any vending machine. The Nayax VPOS card reader is compatible with 99% of vending machines.

How much does it cost to add a card reader to a vending machine?

We charge £450 per reader plus installation or delivery. You then have a monthly subscription fee of £10.00 and transaction charge of 2.95% will be deducted from your Nayax payments.

How to install a card reader on a vending machine

A reader cut out is required, and an MDB connection, which stands for Multi Drop Bus. An MDB is the connection technology that allows your vending machine to communicate with cashless payment systems using vending machine controllers. 

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