aa first jazz branded bottle

AA First Jazz Bottled

  • Compatible with 18.9L bottles
  • 14cm dispensing height
  • Ambient & chilled

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Cema Bottled Water Cooler – 18.9L Bottles

  • Manual taps
  • 14cm dispensing height
  • Ambient & chilled

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Why choose a Bottled Water Cooler?

Our bottled water coolers come in a variety of styles and sizes from tabletop bottled water coolers to floor standing water machines, each designed for use with our standard 18.9L water bottles. Our bottled water coolers and dispensers have a range of features including removable drip trays, high output refrigeration and heating systems, optimised dispenser heights and ergonomic faucets for ease of use and convenience.

We can also provide a fully managed solution for your bottled water coolers where we manage each aspect of your bottled water coolers from supply and installation to maintenance and servicing, as well as routine water deliveries to ensure that you and your team stay hydrated all day long (minimum quantities may apply depending on location).

  • Simple to install and maintain
  • Doesn’t have to be mains fed
  • Natural fresh spring water at the touch of a button
  • Can be easily moved around the workplace
  • Access to water has been proven to help with productivity and overall employee health

What are the benefits of bottled water coolers?

Our bottled water coolers and dispensers are an office necessity. Not only are they required by law but having access to fresh, clean water in the office is proven to help with productivity and overall health.

Not only that, but our office water coolers are easy to install and maintain. In fact, our helpful team will assist you in the installation of your dispenser, and we have additional services to ensure your bottled water cooler is maintained regularly to ensure your machine stays clean and lasts longer.

Our available water coolers are full of useful features and with reliable brands such as AA First and Aquabeve, you can rest assured you’re receiving a water cooler that your office can enjoy for years to come.

Is it cheaper to buy a water cooler or bottled water?

Both bottled and plumbed in coolers come with their own different pros and cons. A bottled water cooler has a lower upfront cost when compared to a plumbed in water cooler, however you will need to arrange for collection and delivery of 18.9 litre water bottles, which come with a delivery cost.

It’s important to checkout the advantages and disadvantages of both types of coolers to ensure you’re making the right and most cost effective decision for your business. Our friendly team are on hand and always happy to discuss your requirements and help you find the right solution. Give us a call on 01157 845 845.

Water coolers will benefit your employees in more ways than one

Not only is providing clean drinking water for employees a legal requirement, but it’s an excellent way to encourage your employees to stay hydrated and look after their body.

Research has shown that good hydration can help increase the overall productivity of your business. Nearly 150 million days were lost to sickness or injury overall in 2021. Providing drinking water at work reduces dehydration and fatigue, and also improves health and brain function, and is a step towards a full health and safety provision in the workplace.


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