The future of the workplace? We think so.

Closely linked to the vending machine industry, our micro market hubs are completely custom designed and tailored to suit your needs, requirements, space and budget by our sister company R+R Hub.

Available to businesses in Nottingham, Derby, Leicester and across the East Midlands, they operate in locations that require an unassisted payment experience, allowing employees to purchase fresh food, snacks, drinks and fresh bean to cup coffee using a self-serve checkout.

Our micro market vending solution includes CCTV within the retail space, so that the hub is able to stay open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means that whether employees are working shifts, doing overtime, starting early or finishing late, they know they’ll be able to sustain themselves and refuel at a time that fits in with their working day.

Most workplaces provide an area to prepare food and drink and perhaps even a space to sit down and eat a meal or hold casual, unofficial meetings. These spaces can be fairly uninspiring and ultimately result in employees spending their lunch time at their desks.

However, with a culture of employee wellness increasing, many businesses are looking to evolve the traditional break area into a space that encourages employees to take valuable break time to connect with other colleagues but to also have the option to select food and drink which can positively impact the rest of their working day.

What is a micro market?

A Micro Market is an alternative canteen area that is traditionally unattended and provides easy access for employees and visitors to select from a range of pre-stocked food and drink. Micro Markets almost function as a convenience store within your workplace.

Micro Markets are more than just a space to grab a snack. They’re tailored, bespoke break-out areas designed to be an extension of your brand and its culture.

Why install a Micro Market?

As mentioned, employee culture and wellness are a growing trend among businesses who want to create a culture that’s more than just the usual 9-5. We’re likely to spend over 84,000 hours of our lifetime at work and employers are recognising the benefits of creating a separate space, away from the main office that allows for staff to let of steam which can lead to an uptick in productivity levels, among other lifestyle benefits.

Healthy food in the workplace has always suffered. Traditional vending machines and canteen spaces may offer quick snacks or lunches with little nutritional benefit, and in some cases is leading to further complications when it comes to employee’s personal health. Although, that’s not to say there aren’t healthy options available, as more healthy snack vending machines become widely available.

With many studies identifying these health issues among the workplace, Micro Markets present an opportunity for businesses to help employees make better food choices as well as allowing them the quality time to step away from their desks.

The Benefits of Micro Markets

Micro Markets aren’t one size fits all, they’re tailored spaces to work around your workplace needs and the people within it. If have a number of employees who work late, that’s fine, our Micro Markets are open 24/7.

If you’re concerned about the safety and hygiene of a Micro Market; don’t worry. Micro Markets can be installed with contactless technology, enabling staff to avoid having to handle money but they can check out within minutes of purchasing their items.

Our Micro Markets can also integrate mobile payments via our app, which provides rewards with every purchase.

For businesses looking to upgrade their canteen into space that promotes networking and connecting with other departments and colleagues, Micro Markets can offer a comfortable and relaxing space, designed to inspire, and boost morale.

That’s not all, we know how important it is to ensure everybody’s needs are met, which is why our Micro Markets can supply over 400 different food items and can be tailored to meet a variety of dietary requirements including vegan.

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