We’ll buy your old or unused Vending Machines

Do you have a vending machine that is no longer wanted or in use?

At Cema Vending we are looking for machines to buy in any condition. Whether it is in good working order or has seen better days, we are here to bring them back to life. We buy a wide range of vending machines, including hot drinks, snacks and cold drinks machines.

How does it work?

We purchase Westomatic, Crane and Coffetek machines and can collect your vending machine no matter where you are in the UK. If you have a vending machine that you no longer need, get in touch with us today by completing these 3 simple steps.

 1. Fill in the Form

Fill in the form at the bottom of this page, providing us with as much detail as possible about your machine and the condition that it is currently in.

2. Submit Photos of Your Vending Machine

By supplying any photographs of the equipment, we will be able to inform you whether it is something that is of interest to us and provide a more accurate quote.

3. Quote & Collection

Once you’ve sent us the details on your vending machine, we’ll get a price to you within 24 working hours, and can arrange to have the machine collected!

Why sell your vending machine to Cema Vending?

Here at Cema Vending we are committed to keeping vending machines going and preventing them from becoming waste. Our team has extensive experience refurbishing vending machines, and will ensure that your unused machine can continue serving great food to people across the UK.

Our refurbished machines offer a budget friendly alternative for business owners who want to provide workplace snacks and drinks to their workforce but can’t justify the cost of a new machine. If you have a machine that you no longer use and would like to sell, fill in the form below.

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Sell your Machine