Here at Cema Vending we can provide an extensive range of refreshment solutions for your office. With a wide variety of water, vending and coffee machines, we can find a solution that seamlessly fits in with your office aesthetic and technical requirements.

Looking for an office water dispenser? We have a variety of water machines suitable for offices, from plumbed in or bottled coolers, to wall mounted or tank water boilers. We can even provide water taps for your office. How about an office vending machine to provide staff and visitors with sweet, savory or healthy treats and drink options.

And you can’t have an office without a hot drinks machine! Whether it’s freestanding or table top, fresh milk or bean to cup, we have a range of hot drinks machines for offices. For more information contact our team today on 01157 845 845 to discuss your requirements.

Office Refreshment Solutions

Office Vending Machines

Ever been in the situation where you’re craving a sweet snack to see you through to the end of the day, but you haven’t brought one with you? With an office vending machine you can just pop away and grab a sneaky Kit-Kat. Why not wash it down with a nice cold can of coca cola? Our office vending machines are the perfect option for providing staff and visitors with sweet, savory or healthy treats and drink options.

That’s right, your office vending machine doesn’t only have to be stocked with chocolate and fizzy pop, you can choose from a variety of items to stock your machine with. And, if you don’t want to opt for our fully managed solutions, you can even order your stock via our online ordering portal, Workplace Refreshments.

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Office Water Machines

Providing water at work is a necessity, not only is it a legal requirement but they come with a whole list of benefits for your office. From improving employee health by boosting the immune system, to helping improve concentration and productivity.

Traditional bottled water coolers are a sight which many associate as an office water dispenser, but they aren’t your only option, depending on your premises, you can also explore our plumbed in water cooler options.

Looking for an office hot water dispenser? We can provide both water boilers and taps. Our taps include features such as cool, boiling, ambient or sparkling.

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Office Hot Drinks Machines

We can provide office hot drinks machines on any scale, whether it’s a multi floor office space which requires several, or just one in single room. From table top to floor standing, fresh milk or bean to cup, we have a huge selection of hot drinks  machines that are suitable for offices.

Hot drinks machines are the perfect pick me up for any office. And with options to hire, rent or purchase, have regular replenishing or do it yourself, you can build a solution that’s completely tailored to you.

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