Coffetek Vitro M5

  • Microinjected air technology
  • V30 variable espress group (7g - 14g coffee)
  • Smart fridge technology

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Coffetek Vitro X1 MIA

  • Fresh Milk
  • Hot or cold drink options
  • Touch or touchless screen

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Fresh Milk Coffee Vending Machines

A fresh milk coffee machine gives you the luxury of enjoying barista style drinks, without the price tag! Our range of fresh milk coffee vending machines use innovative technology to create delicious coffee drinks topped with fresh foam, both hot or cold, with just a touch of a button.

You can enjoy popular coffee drinks such as cappuccino’s, Latte’s and Mocha’s due to the patented technology. If you need hot water for your tea, our machines can provide hot water too.

Which Fresh Milk Coffee Machine is right for me?

Our range of fresh milk coffee vending machines are designed for tabletop use, and offer a range of features, giving you a great coffee with every use. As our machines are suitable for tabletop usage, they can be placed in most office spaces or coffee-making stations.

As part of your purchase, you may want to consider usage. How popular is your fresh milk coffee machine going to be? Or how many people may choose to use the machine daily?

Depending on output, the Vitro M5 can deliver 250+ drinks per day, where as the Vitro X1 MIA can deliver up to 150 cups per day. Both machines will provide you with the fresh milk system, touch screen options, various accessories depending on your requirements and of course, full-bodied aromatic coffee.

If you’re still unsure which machine is suitable for you, you can download each model’s brochure, which will provide you with specific features and specifications.

You can also learn more with our  helpful guide on How to Choose the Right Vending Machine.

Why choose Cema Vending?

Whether you need ‘supply only’ or a fully managed solution, our fresh milk coffee machines can be purchased or hired for your business in Nottingham, Derby, Leicester and around the east midlands. Opt for contactless solutions by adding a Nayax card reader to any of our fresh milk coffee machines.

If you want more information on our commercial fresh milk coffee machines, then please contact our team to discuss your requirements.

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