We have an huge range of refreshment solutions suitable for your hotel. With a wide variety of water, vending and coffee machines to choose from, no matter your requirements, we’ll have a refreshment solution for your hotel.

We have a variety of water coolers for hotels, from plumbed in or bottled coolers, to wall mounted or tank water boilers. We can even provide water taps for your hotel. Why not add a vending machine onsite for those late check-in’s, visitors who fancy a late night snack or something to take on the road with them as they check out.

What’s something that every hotel needs? A hot drinks machine! With choices of freestanding or table top, fresh milk or bean to cup, our range of hot drinks machines will complement any setting. For more information contact our team today on 01157 845 845 to discuss your requirements.

Hotel Refreshment Solutions

Hotel Vending Machines

If your guests have arrived at your hotel late after a long day of travelling or shopping, they will probably enjoy something quick and easy to grab before going back to their room to relax. With our vending machines you can offer just that! And our contactless payment solutions means getting a midnight snack has never been easier and more convenient.

Our vending machine product options are endless, from healthy options to sweet treats, bottled water or cans and bottles of pop. We have something for everyone which is important in the hotel sector because you will see a whole range of customers with varying tastes and preferences. Whatever your guest is looking for, we’ve got you covered.

What about guests that have forgotten personal items? A vending machine doesn’t just mean food or drink, you can put a whole range of items in them. From toiletries to pain relief, you can stock the basic items many people find they need but have forgotten.

Whether it’s to go in the reception area or on each floor, we have vending machines and solutions that will suit any environment or requirements.

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Water Machines for Hotels

Allow your hotel guests the option to refill their water bottle before heading out on a day exploring with one of our water cooler options. Give your visitors choices from chilled, ambient or sparkling.

We know that the hotel sector is under pressure to reduce their single use plastic, and installing water coolers is one way to work towards this. Water coolers encourage people to refill their bottles, and we have environmentally friendly options for cups to accompany your chosen coolers.

We have many options for you to choose from when it comes to our water coolers, from bottled, mains fed, table top or floor standing. We can supply you with a cooler that will compliment your hotel and ensure your guests are hydrated.

We can also provide water boilers and taps which work great in kitchens or canteens as an alternative to a kettle. Find out more about our water machines for hotels.

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Hotel Hot Drinks Machines

Hot drinks machines at hotels are essential. Whether it’s a coffee in the morning or a cup of tea with lunch, a good quality hot drinks machine for your hotel plays a key part in good hospitality. The first thing most guest will do when they arrive in their room is make a hot drink, and with one of our hotel hot drinks machines you can be rest assured that your guests are getting the finest quality of drinks from their machine.

We can offer a wide range of hotel hot drinks machines from table top bean to cup in a canteen area or a floor standing instant machine for the reception area, even pod machines for in the room! Our machines are easy to use, reliable and most importantly, produce good quality hot beverages.

Hot drinks machines are a necessity for any hotel. And with options to hire, rent or purchase, have regular replenishing or do it yourself, you can build a solution that’s completely tailored to you.

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