3 Things to Help Reduce your Business Carbon Footprint

3 Things to Help Reduce your Business Carbon Footprint

Published: 26th January 2024

We all know that we need to make an effort to be greener, and it is down to businesses to lead the way in reducing their carbon footprint. This year, the pressure is greater than ever before and so it is time for businesses to get creative.

Now we need to think beyond just doing a little recycling and turning the lights off – instead we need to make green innovation a big part of every business.

Energy efficiency

Most workplaces will use a lot of equipment that will burn through a lot of energy, so it is important that you choose as many appliances as possible to minimise this.

Look for energy-saving devices and equipment that can shut down when not in use and reduce what they consume as a great way to not only reduce your carbon footprint but save money too. This could be anything from your office printer to your coffee machine, so make sure you shop around for the most energy efficient options.

1. Vending machines

Did you ever consider that vending machines might be green? Gone are the days when all they would offer was sweets, crisps and fizzy drinks; now many of them are packed with fruit, salads and yoghurt, all encouraging us to make healthier choices.

They are often refrigerated and provide a way of serving food that mitigates the need for single-use plastic. Increasingly, vending machines are coming complete with their own in-built recycling units to make sure that the waste they do create is properly taken care of.

Whilst they do rely on electricity, if you are using renewable energy sources then their impact on the environment is minimal. They are also more energy efficient than many retail outlets, so it is possible to set up micro-markets made up entirely of vending machines that can cater for everyone and use less energy than many of the alternatives.

When it comes to vending hot drinks such as coffee, many now offer reusable cups and stirrers to help cut down on the 2.5 billion disposable coffee cups that are thrown away each year just in the UK.

It is estimated that 20 employees using some form of reusable, sustainable cup instead of the disposable kind could save 3.68kg of carbon dioxide per week. Many modern coffee machines are also making the switch to serve barista style coffee using freshly ground coffee beans instead of the coffee pods that are almost impossible to recycle.

2. Temperature control

It is important to maintain a good working temperature throughout the year to ensure that everyone is comfortable. Using heating and air conditioning systems that can maintain a consistent temperature will use a lot less energy than constantly turning things on and off.

3. Paperless offices

We live in an online world, which means that there is much less need for paper documents. Everything can now exist digitally and be accessed through cloud storage ensuring that very few items ever need to be printed.

This has a massive impact on the environment, as you are not only using less paper, but you are also minimising the chemical laden printer ink and avoiding wasting energy every time the printer or photocopier springs into life.

Reducing your carbon footprint as a business could not be more important at the moment, and so you need to look at all the steps you can take to do this, including a few that you might not have considered before. By looking at every aspect of your business, it is easy to find plenty of areas where you can make a better and greener change.

Let us help you reduce your carbon footprint this year

Here at Cema Vending, we can provide your business with a range of energy efficient vending machines to help lower your carbon footprint whilst supplying your office with delicious, refreshing and healthy snacks.

To discuss our vending machines and how they can benefit your business, please contact the Cema Vending team today and we’ll be happy to help.

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