Workplace Benefits of Commercial Water Boilers

Workplace Benefits of Commercial Water Boilers

Published: 30th October 2023

They say that a watched pot never boils, and this can seem to be true when waiting for a kettle to boil in a staff canteen or kitchen. Many businesses have therefore chosen to invest in a commercial water boiler to provide instant hot water whenever it is needed. There are plenty of good reasons to choose a commercial water boiler, and here are just a few of them…

How do hot water boilers work?

A hot water boiler is usually a large container which can hold many litres of water in one go. It is usually connected to the mains plumbing system so that it can be refilled easily, or automatically refill itself when needed.

It can take a little time to heat this large quantity initially, but once it has done so, the water remains in the heavily insulated tank at a hot temperature, ensuring that there is hot water whenever it is needed. All the user needs to do is turn on the tap to fill their cup.

Time saving

When anyone decides that they want a cup of tea at work, there are normally plenty of people who follow suit. That means a lot of standing around waiting for one or more kettles to boil, and a lot of time can be lost. By installing a catering water boiler, you can ensure that hot water is available whenever it is needed, dramatically cutting down the amount of time in a day that is spent waiting.

If offering tea and coffee is part of the service that you offer for customers, then a water boiler can help you to keep your customer service levels high. A constant supply of boiling water means that you can fulfil any customer demands instantly and help to ensure that there is a good level of customer satisfaction.

Energy efficiency

Cost is a factor in everything we do these days, especially when it comes to running a business. A water boiler can help to save on those costly energy bills by heating vast quantities of water in one go and then maintaining that heat through insulation and controlled power. This is much more energy efficient than continually boiling smaller quantities of water, and therefore it can not only help the planet but your bank balance as well.

Easy to use

A water boiler is designed to be as user friendly as possible, so once it has been installed, it just needs to switch on at the appropriate time and the tap can be turned once the water is hot to fill your cup to the desired level. This means that it is accessible for everyone, with no real barriers to use.

Water boiler options

There are a number of commercial water boilers available which can have anything from a 5 litre draw off to an 11.5 litre draw off, ensuring that all demands can be met.

The AA First 1200L has an automatic filling function to ensure that it never needs to be manually topped up, whilst the AA First Power Smart 3 can save on your energy bills thanks to its eco timer and sleep mode.

These boilers are designed to fit into any space, and the AA First 1000C is perfect for a countertop position in a kitchen that might have limited space available.

When you have a large demand for hot water throughout the day, a commercial water boiler can be a very effective solution that works for everyone. It can save both time and money and ensures that there is that all important cup of tea or coffee exactly when it is needed.

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