Winter Festive Drink Trends

Winter Festive Drink Trends

Published: 12th November 2021

This Christmas season, the big brand coffee shops and fast-food restaurants are releasing their festive drinks and everyone is very excited. Festive drinks have soared in popularity in recent years, especially from the popular coffee shops like Starbucks and costa. Part of their popularity has come from social media reviews of popular festive and seasonal drinks that go viral, making people want to go out and try the new drink everyone on the internet is raving about.

Starbucks boast that they are the ‘originators of festive drinks’ starting with their Christmas blend, released in 1984, that is still a beloved drink order even to this day. As always, these brands come out with a new festive drink menu every year that creates unbelievable buzz and speculation in the upcoming months to Christmas.

This year’s range

This year Starbucks have released a handful of festive drink favourites including their newest, the Sugar Cookie Almond Milk Latte, which is the first dairy-free festive drink from Starbucks. This year we’re also having to say goodbye to some classics, including the well-loved eggnog latte and The Gingerbread Latte.

Another big brand that does well around the holidays is Costa. In the past few years, Costa have created some exclusive drinks with the likes of Quality Streets and Terry’s Chocolate Orange, who are both in their own right, Christmas staples and this year is no different. A new Costa and Quality Street Drink is hitting the menu this year, with the Toffee Penny Latte, based on the sweet toffee disc in the big purple tub of chocolates we dive into at Christmas time.

If both of those aren’t enough to bring some Christmas joy, then maybe McDonald’s will suit your fancy! They’re releasing two new drinks, the Choco Fudge Latte and the Hot Chocolate Deluxe. They both sound absolutely delicious and people are very excited about pulling up at the drive-through in the morning to grab their hot Christmas themed drink.

Festive drinks without the price tag

Okay, we’ve gone a little mad on festive drinks, but with all these hot delicious drinks hitting our drive-thru’s, what if your employees could make their own? How are you supposed to reward all your hardworking staff with these festive drinks when the smallest Starbucks cup starts at £3.45? It’s easy, create one yourself!
Festive themed beverage syrups are an easy way to get a comforting and delicious Christmas themed coffee. These syrups can give your staff the freedom to create the exact flavour they want with barely any effort. Treating them to syrups can also save them money. With the average coffee order from Starbucks ranging anywhere from £3-£10 over a workweek, that can add up rapidly. £3 a day for every 5 day work week adds up to a massive £60 a month.

Here at Cema Vending we offer lots of different flavours so you can create different tasty combinations for any type of festive drink. Let your staff have fun in the morning creating their perfect coffee and share their own recipe around the office. It’s quick and simple with syrups to make a festive latte, for example here’s an easy gingerbread latte recipe using our gingerbread syrup to start everyone off with.

You will need:


From gingerbread to mint, we have 6 different flavours of syrups and other coffee-making supplies to create the perfect festive drinks in the office without breaking the bank. Having these syrups next to the office coffee machine adds a little bit of fun to the usually monotonous task of making a coffee. If your staff are big hot drink consumers then this will be the perfect reward to show them how much you appreciate their work in the run-up to Christmas.

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