What Vending Machine is Right For Me?

What Vending Machine is Right For Me?

Published: 28th March 2022

If you have decided on adding a vending machine to your business then you will need to consider which one is the most suitable. There are a variety of different machines on the market, all offering a range of features.

Here, we look at what you need to think about in order to narrow down what vending machine is right for you.


The first thing that you need to think about is what you need the machine to do. Will it just be for employees, or will you be offering food and drink to your guests or customers too?

You will also need to identify what you want the machine to provide. Are you looking for hot beverages, snacks or cold drinks? You may also be thinking about incorporating a water cooler.


In addition to this, you need to think about how you will look after the machine. For example, if your machine includes fresh milk, it is a good idea to think about how this will be stored, as well as who will be responsible for filling and cleaning the machine.

If you are looking for a snack vending machine, then one large consideration is what you want to stock it with. Fresh food will need a smart fridge.

The form of payment that you are looking for is also important. A lot of businesses now want cashless options, or even machines that can accommodate pre-paid cards or loyalty cards.

Vending machine location

The facilities that your machine provides is one thing, but you also need to look at where you want to locate your machine. If you work in a heavy-duty environment such as a warehouse, then you will need something quick and more robust.

In contrast, an office usually needs something compact and smart looking that is less time-dependent and produces barista quality hot drinks.

You will also need to look at what access there is to the location of the vending machine. It is important to look at the size of doors and whether it needs to be transported upstairs in order to work out how it will be positioned.


Your budget will always be an important deciding factor, but the good news is that there are plenty of budget vending machines available, as well as refurbished ones. You can also take advantage of options to rent or lease a vending machine as well buying it outright.


How you manage your machine can determine which one you need. If you intend to fill and clean it yourself, then we can recommend models which are better suited to this. Alternatively, we can fully manage your machine for you, opening lots more options. We can also offer a supply only service that provides you with maintenance for the machine, whilst you fill and restock it yourself.

When it comes to vending machines, there is a lot of choices available, and it is important to remember that you need to pick one that is right for your business and its needs.

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