For companies in the East Midlands

We’re offering a FREE water cooler to companies in the East Midlands!

Request a free water cooler

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    Save £300 with a free bottled water cooler for 60 days!

    What you’ll get for free:

    • A brand new bottled water cooler for 60 days
    • Free delivery, installation and set up
    • A free cup dispenser

    For just £40 we will supply you with:

    • 5 X 18.9L water bottles
    • 1000 aqua blue water cups

    Then, at the end of your trial period, you can carry on with our service for just £4 a week, including regular sanitisation visits!

    If the services aren’t for you, just let us know and we’ll take them away, hassle-free.

    How Does It Work?

    1. Let us know you want to claim your free water cooler and cup dispenser by filling out our contact form or calling us on 01157 845 845

    2. Pay £40 and get 5 X 18.9L bottles and 1000 cups to qualify for your free water cooler

    3. We’ll deliver and install your cooler and dispenser, along with your water bottles and cups

    And now just enjoy your fresh water from your free cooler for 60 days! Then if you wish to continue with your cooler it’s just £4 a week, including regular sanitisation visits. If you wish not to continue, we’ll collect the machine for free.

    *Subject to site location and availability

    Cost to reorder are: bottles £5.50 minimum or 5 bottles per delivery, cups £18 per box (1000 aqua blue water cups). Cost per delivery is £10. A deposit of £10 per bottle is chargeable at the end of your 60 day trial. This deposit is fully refundable when you terminate your agreement and return all bottles.

    How Much Water Do I Need?

    Number of Staff Water Required Per Day Water Required Per Week No. Bottles Per Week No. Bottles Per Month Monthly Cost
    1 1.5L 7.5L 0.5 2 £11
    2 3L 15L 1 4 £22
    3 4.5L 22.5L 1.5 6 £33
    4 6L 30L 2 8 £44
    5 7.5L 37.5L 2.5 10 £55
    10 15L 75L 5 20 £110
    15 22.5L 112.5L 7.5 30 £165
    20 30L 150L 10 40 £220