We supply a wide selection of bottled water coolers and dispensers to offices and businesses in Nottingham, Derby, Leicester and throughout the East Midlands.

Our bottled water machines come in a variety of styles and sizes from table top water coolers to floor standing water machines, each designed for use with our standard 18.9L water bottles. Our bottled water coolers have a range of features including removable drip trays, high output refrigeration and heating systems, optimised dispenser heights and ergonomic faucets for ease of use and convenience.

We can also provide a fully managed solution for your bottled water dispensers where we manage each aspect of your bottled water machine from supply and installation to maintenance and servicing, as well as routine water deliveries to ensure that you and your team stay hydrated all day long (minimum quantities may apply depending on location).

For more information on our bottled water coolers, please contact our team today on 01157 845 845 to discuss your requirements.

AA First Jazz Floor Stand

AA First Jazz Floor Standing Bottled Water Cooler

Floor standing AA First 4400FZ2 bottled water machine

AA First 4400FZ2 Bottled Water Cooler

Floor standing Aquabeve Nexus LXP bottled water machine

AquaBeve Nexus LXp Bottled Water Cooler

Aquabeve Inspirations Bottled Water Cooler

Aquabeve Inspirations Touchless Bottled Water Cooler

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