Water machines are usually considered as a staple within any commercial environment and make a great addition to offices, conference areas and even receptions or waiting rooms.

At Cema Vending we supply businesses within Nottingham, Derby, Leicester and the East Midlands with quality water machines and water coolers both of which can be connected to your mains water supply or large 18.9L water bottles in a stand alone water cooler. Water bottle vending machines which can be serviced and maintained regularly by our trained operators, to ensure the longevity of your investment.

Crane Bev Max 4

Crane Bev Max 4

  • Holds bottles and cans of different sizes
  • Loaded and vended without adjusting the set up
  • Illuminated glass front

Westomatic Elevate

  • 7” touch screen
  • Height adjustable so any bottle can be accommodated
  • First in – First out feature – item will be vended as per expiry date

Enjoy fresh water, every day

Water vending machines can provide a more hygienic offering as everyone can enjoy their own individual bottled water.

If you are considering a water vending machine, our range of machines include a variety of useful features such as touch screen technology, contactless payment options and a first in-first out rotation system to ensure you receive the freshest water bottle.

More than just a trend

Although water vending machines will look great next to your snack vending machine, they’re also perfect for ensuring staff and visitors stay hydrated throughout the working day, which has been proven to increase cognitive skills and reduce fatigue.

With Cema Vending, our fully qualified engineers are at hand to help resolve any issues that may arise, to ensure your products stay fresh with little distraction within the premises so your customers and clients can still grab a fresh bottle of water with little inconvenience.

If you would like to find out more about our water vending machines, feel free to contact our team today on 0115 784 5845 to discuss your requirements.

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