Vending Machine Hire or Purchase in Derby and Surrounding Areas

We work with a range of popular manufacturers to ensure we offer high quality vending machines in Derby which boast an extensive selection of products. From hot and cold beverages, including barista-style ‘bean to cup’ coffees, to a variety of snacks and fresh chilled food items.

Through our fully managed vending machine service in Derby, we can handle everything from supply and installation to maintenance and servicing of your vending machine. We specialise in professional tailored solutions to meet your specific needs. Our experience in the vending machine industry means you can enjoy hassle-free vending solutions in Derby. Our skilled technicians are ready to resolve any issues you may encounter, ensuring your machine operates smoothly with a comprehensive service package tailored for your requirements.

Whether you’re interested in our vending machine rental service across Derby or considering purchasing your own machine, get in touch with our team today on 01157 845 845.

View our range of vending machines

We offer a selection of vending machines in Derby. Our range includes a variety of options, including hot and cold drink machines, food and snacks, and even refurbished vending machines. Explore our product range below.

Which Vending Machine is best for your business?

We understand that choosing the right vending machine for your business is an important decision to make. That’s why we offer a wide range of vending machines tailored to your needs. Whether it’s cold drinks, hot beverages, food, snacks, or even refurbished vending machines, we’ve got you covered!

Vending machines can make a valuable addition to your workplace, providing a selection of snacks and refreshing drinks that are easily accessible for your employees throughout the day.

Our cold drinks machines are the perfect solution to providing refreshments on site. Our cold drinks vending machine for office environments accommodate up to 405 products, complete with nutritional information.

For break rooms with limited space, we offer a wide selection of hot drinks machines in Derby, including tabletop coffee machines for smaller areas and floor-standing machines that can offer up to 500 9oz paper cups.

Looking to offer food and snacks to your staff within the workplace? Our food and snack vending machines are incredibly reliable and user-friendly, capable of feeding your entire workforce with space for up to 796 products.

If you’re looking for vending machines at a discounted rate, our refurbished options are for you. Providing a variety of products from hot drinks to food and snacks at a discounted rate.

  • Food & Snack vending machines have space for up to 796 products
  • Floor standing coffee machines can offer up to 500 9oz paper cups
  • Cold drinks machines have room for up to 405 products
  • Easy to manage with low overhead costs

Benefits of Vending Machines

Our vending machines offer several advantages for your workplace, including low overhead costs, and simple maintenance and management.

With our easy-to-use vending machines, your staff will have quick and convenient access to their favourite snacks during break times.

Our drink vending machines come in various sizes to meet your specific needs, providing on-site refreshments for your staff without overpaying.

Additionally, our food and snack vending machines will benefit not just your employees but your business as it keep your employees on-site throughout the day with great snack alternatives.

Sell, Hire & Rent Services In Derby

If any of our vending machines catch your eye, you can either hire or purchase them by contacting our team. Get in touch through our contact form or call us on 01157 845 845, and we’ll be happy to help you find the perfect vending machine that suits your requirements.

Regardless of their condition, we look to bring vending machines back to life, ensuring they regain full functionality and effectiveness. Looking to sell your vending machine? Visit our page to find out how and why you should choose Cema Vending to sell your machine.

Fully Managed

We offer a fully managed vending service, designed specifically for those who may struggle to look after their own machine. Take away the hassle of maintaining your own vending machine with our fully managed vending machine service.

If you’re interested in this service, visit our fully managed vending services page, or get in touch with us for more information.


With contactless payments gaining popularity, we offer a wide range of contactless vending machines that accept secure payment methods, including Apple Pay technology and other cashless options.

View our stock or contact our team for additional information on our contactless vending machines.

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What Our Customers Say About Us

  • Air IT

    “Long term Cema customers, we recently upgraded to the fresh milk coffee machines and couldn’t be happier! We told Cema what we wanted from the new machine and from recommendation to installation, across multiple office sites, the whole team were brilliant. Our staff are really happy with the quality and variety of drinks available including decaf and iced coffee options as well as a wide range of hot drinks. We’re spoiled for choice!”

  • Findel

    “We turned to Cema Vending for their expertise in both vending supply and interior concepts. The experience has been superior from the get-go, with sensible and considered advice, competitive pricing, and really efficient service. As proof of our confidence, we have already aligned all our related business to them and now consider Cema to be a key infrastructure partner for our vast Distribution Centre”

  • Raleigh

    “Having experienced problems with vending companies both big and small over the years, Cema Vending has so far proved a breath of fresh air. Their advice has been both sensible and honest and all the members of their team are friendly and helpful. The result for me has been happy colleagues and more time to focus on the issues that add value to our business!”

  • Vision Express

    “Cema Vending has been looking after our 9 machines across our two sites for over 5 years now. We have a range of hot drinks, snack and cold drinks, and water coolers, all of which are of excellent quality. We have always experienced outstanding service from the whole team at Cema Vending, with both the office staff and operators being friendly and always happy to help”

  • SF Media

    We’ve recently switched office water suppliers to Cema Vending who supplied us with a brand new water cooler and regular bottled water deliveries, we’re delighted with the speed and quality of their service, highly recommended

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