If you’re looking for something that’s more compact, modern and easy to store as well as showcase for guests and clients, our range of used table top coffee vending machines sit perfectly as part of a buffet style layout for meetings and conferences.

The simple layout and miniature style of vending machine makes it easy for guests to help themselves to a barrister-style coffee with just a touch of a button.

Why choose our Used Table Top Coffee Machines?

Aside from its elegant design, convenience and easy to use interface, our second-hand table top coffee vending machines include the usual favourites from Americano and Latte to delicious hot chocolates from popular drink brands such as Cadbury’s.

What’s not to love about our hassle free second-hand table top coffee machines? If you simply need some extra drink capabilities for your next business meeting or would like one permanently for your staff, we have a range of used table top coffee vending machine models to select from.

Keurig K150

Enjoy a hassle free experience

If you’ve seen a second-hand table top coffee vending machine which you think would be perfect for your next event, conference or simply fancy having one in the office, at Cema Vending we ensure our customers receive not only fantastic products, but a seamless, hassle free buying experience.

Our highly skilled, professional engineers are happy to answer any questions you have but they also make sure every step of your vending solution is to the high standard we provide day in, day out. From the supply to the servicing, we’re here to help.

We service businesses across Nottingham, Derby, Leicester and throughout the East Midlands and so if you would like to find out more about our used table top coffee vending machines, feel free to contact our team today on 01157 845 845 to discuss your requirements.

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