Having a cold refreshing drink at hand is always welcome and your commercial premises can only benefit from having a used cold drink vending machine at hand, especially if your workplace welcomes visitors and guests.

Our used cold drink vending machines are stocked full of popular brands such as Coca Cola, Pepsi as well as the many water brands commonly seen within most vending machines.

What’s included with our used cold drink vending machines?

If you want to provide staff, customers and clients with a variety of drink choices, you may already have a hot drink coffee vending machine but wish to provide cool, refreshing drinks, especially during summer months. Having a fresh cold drink will keep everyone happy – and hydrated.

Our range of used cold drink vending machines come in several styles, with glass panel viewing and without, so you can find a vending machine that suits your buildings aesthetic.

Grabbing a drink has never been easier with our second hand cold drink vending machines, although technologies vary between models, you can expect to find cash and contactless payment technologies, touch-screen interfaces and adjustable height systems to allow for any sized can or bottle.

For more information on our used cold drink vending machines, please contact our team today on 01157 845 845 to discuss your requirements.

Crane Bev Max 1 Slim

Closed Fronted CanBottle Machine

Closed fronted can / bottle machine

Dixie Narco 276E

Our team are always happy to help

Here at Cema Vending we pride ourselves on supplying customers with fantastic products, regardless of whether it’s new or used.

Our professional engineers are happy to answer any questions you have but they also make sure every step of your vending solution is to the high standard we provide day in, day out. From the supply to the servicing, we’re here to help.

If you would like to find out more about our used cold drink vending machines, we service businesses across Nottingham, Derby, Leicester and throughout the East Midlands. Feel free to contact our team today on 01157 845 845 to discuss your requirements.

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