UK Face Mask Vending Machines

UK Face Masks selects Cema Vending for safer shopping centres solution

Cema Vending is currently undergoing a major project with UK Face Masks Direct as the innovative Nottingham business continues its roll out of PPE vending machines across the UK.

UK Face Masks install face mask vending machines in shopping centres and high footfall areas around the UK which are supplied by Cema Vending and personalised with their branding.

The team visits the site, installs the machine, fills it with PPE and can then manage stock levels remotely.

Once the machine starts to run low, their engineers will refill it.

Face Mask Vending Machines

Charles Adorian at UK FM says:

‘As the UK government continues to ease lockdown restrictions, high footfall areas will attract increasing volumes of people and could act as hotspots for coronavirus transmission.

‘Consequently, it is of significant importance that these areas are managed in a manner that is safe for the general public and is consistent with our government’s mantra to protect the NHS and save lives.

‘In order to ensure we have the best possible machines and service we needed to partner with a business that had the flexibility to react swiftly to changing demand and the scale to help us roll out this programme across the UK.

‘In Cema we have found our perfect partner to deliver our innovative Covid-secure PPE solution and they even wrapped the machines with our branding which is helping us to spread the safety message wider.’

Ian Perry at Cema Vending added:

‘Since Lockdown we have been fielding numerous enquiries about how best to provide vending solutions in a safe, responsible and Covid-secure manner. Typically they are from facilities managers in workplace environments but we have also had a lot of enquiries about public spaces and places.

‘The team at UK Face Masks Direct are a very creative and forward-thinking group of people who have been able to combine their manufacturing skills with an innovative vending delivery model to help drive safety in high footfall and retail areas. We are proud to partner with them on this important project which we hope will play a part in protecting people and premises across the country.’

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