Things You Should Know About Providing Snacks at Work

Things You Should Know About Providing Snacks at Work

Published: 28th July 2023

The old adage about not snacking between meals is just not applicable to many people in the modern world. Snacking is often beneficial. In fact, it may even be necessary to help people maintain their energy levels over the course of a day. It can be very helpful for employers to provide snacks at work, and guess what these can be healthier alternatives!

The benefits of providing snacks at work

For many employers, the small cost of providing snacks at work can be more than justified by the many benefits it offers. Here are four of the main ones.

Increased productivity and energy levels

Providing snacks in the workplace, helps employees to manage their blood-sugar levels and hence their energy levels. This directly benefits their productivity levels.

Improved employee satisfaction and morale

When an employer provides snacks, it shows that they value and care about their employees. This helps to foster a positive work culture and in turn improves employee satisfaction and morale.

Enhanced collaboration and social interaction

Snack areas often function in much the same way as drink areas (in fact they can be combined). In other words, they create spaces for employees to gather, interact, and build relationships. This can enhance teamwork, communication, and creativity, ultimately leading to better collaboration and a more cohesive work environment.

Positive impact on employee health and well-being

When employers provide snacks, they can influence what their employees snack on. For example, they can provide healthy options, possibly alongside less healthy treats. Even if employees opt for the less healthy options, they will still be encouraged to take a break from their desks (and screens).

Considerations for choosing snacks

Providing a snack vending machine in the workplace doesn’t have to be complicated. It is, however, advisable to give some thought to the following four points.

Budget considerations

It’s advisable to set a budget at the start and look for options that fit within it. Even if you only have limited funds, you should still be able to find plenty of options. Also, you may be able to negotiate discounts. For example, buying bulk and/or making a recurring order can often win you a lower price.

Variety and rotation of snack options

In general, you’ll want a combination of popular snacks that you offer all the time and snacks that you vary. For your variable items, you can look for items that are on special offer.

Catering to dietary restrictions and preferences

Remember that employees (and visitors) are likely to have a range of allergies, intolerances and/or specific dietary preferences.

Nutritional value

You don’t have to stick to purely healthy options, but it makes sense to prioritise them. The better your employees eat, the better they are likely to perform at work.

Implementing a snack programme

The starting point for implementing a snack program is to assess employee needs and preferences. Then consider whether there is anything in the future that might lead these to change.

Once you have done this, you need to establish the resources available for the programme. In addition to thinking about budget, you also need to think about space. This can be a strategic consideration as well as a practical one.

For example, do you want all your staff to congregate together in one place or do you want them to meet in small groups in different areas? In the first instance, you want a single, centralised snack area. In the second, you want multiple, smaller snack areas.

Once you’ve established this, you need to set down the framework for your snack programme and then choose your supplier(s).

Start snacking today!

At Cema Vending we offer a whole host of vending solutions, including snack and healthy snack vending machines. Staff and visitors don’t have to sigh at the thought at another Mars Bar, but they can look forward to various treats that stay fresher for longer.

Browse our available vending machines today or reach out to our team if you have any questions.

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