Things to consider if you’re purchasing an office water cooler

Things to consider if you’re purchasing an office water cooler

Published: 27th April 2022

Water coolers have been office staples since the 1980s. They’ve held their place as office essentials for good reason. Employees need to stay hydrated (even in winter) and employers need to make sure that they can do so. With that in mind, here are some points to consider if you’re purchasing an office water cooler.

Where do you intend to put it?

As a rule of thumb, you want to choose your space first and choose a style of water cooler to suit it. You want your water cooler to be somewhere employees can access it conveniently. If you’re using a system with bottles, you want it to be out of direct sunlight. This will heat the water and may cause the growth of algae.

What sort of use do you anticipate?

If you’re anticipating intermittent use, then it can make sense to have a single water cooler to minimise the use of space. If you’re using a bottled water cooler then you might want to use a large one to minimise the need for refills.

If, however, you anticipate periods of high demand, then it might be a good idea to have multiple water coolers dotted around various locations. Particularly if they’re going in a large area.

What will your staff be filling?

Traditionally, the default water cooler choices have been plastic cups and paper cones. These days, neither option is considered ideal. Plastic cups are difficult to recycle. Paper cones are often wasteful of water. You can’t put them down so you either have to drink all the water in one go or pour it away when you’re finished.

More sustainable options include glasses, recyclable paper cups and bottles. You can also use your water cooler to fill larger containers such as carafes and jugs. If you are going to go down this route, then you’ll need a water cooler that’s up to the task. That means one that can pour rapidly and keep water at a consistent temperature.

What sort of water do you want to serve?

If you use a plumbed-in water cooler, you will be able to offer your staff chilled and/or sparkling water. You may also be able to use your water cooler for hot water.

On the flip side, using a plumbed-in water cooler means that you are committed to using tap water. In the UK, all tap water is safe to drink without further treatment. There is, however, a big difference between safe and pleasant.

Some parts of the UK have hard water and this is not pleasant to drink. Filtering can improve it somewhat. It can also extend the working life of your water cooler by protecting it from limescale build-up. Overall, however, offering bottled spring water can be the pleasanter option.

Do you need contactless activation?

Contactless activation was going mainstream before COVID19. Initially, the main driver for this was often accessibility. Employees with motor issues can struggle with traditional dispensers. This is still a consideration but post-COVID19, hygiene is often a major selling point for contactless water coolers.

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