The hidden dangers of being dehydrated at work

The hidden dangers of being dehydrated at work

Published: 27th April 2023

Often, we associate dehydration as being a dry feeling in the mouth, but it can have much greater effects, which are detrimental to our health. At work it can be easy to forget to keep hydrated, but as an employer, there are things that you can do to help. Here, we take a look at what the dangers of dehydration are and what you can do.

What is dehydration?

As 60% of the human body is made up of water, we need lots of it to function properly. Dehydration occurs when your body reaches a state where it is losing more fluid through things such as sweating, breathing, and excreting than it is taking in.

What can cause dehydration?

You can become dehydrated through illness, but at work it can be for a number of other reasons. A hot or humid environment, either indoors or in the sun, can be a big factor, as can strenuous physical activity. Certain health conditions and diets can also be big contributors to dehydration.

Symptoms of dehydration

You might notice that your mouth becomes dry or sticky. You may also find that you do not need to go to the toilet as much and your skin is dry. This can then turn into symptoms such as headaches, muscle cramps and concentration issues. Dehydration can also lead to dizziness, a rapid heartbeat and breathing, lethargy, confusion, irritability, and fainting.

The dangers of dehydration at work

Decline in physical strength

Dehydration can cause the muscles to start to feel weak and fatigued, which can make physical tasks challenging.

Lack of focus and productivity

Dehydration can have a massive effect on cognitive function, which means things such as concentration can be compromised, and your employee could become confused, leading to a lack of focus and a dip in productivity levels.

Kidney issues

We need water to help flush our system out and to keep our kidneys functioning, so prolonged dehydration can lead to kidney issues. This can create kidney stones which are extremely painful.

Fever and illness

We tend to think of fever as a cause of dehydration, but it can also be a symptom. Profuse sweating whilst your skin is cool can be a sign of this, and fever will only make dehydration worse. This can lead to feeling unwell and needing time off work.

How can you help to prevent dehydration at work?

As an employer, it is in your own interests to help prevent dehydration by providing water that is easily accessible for everyone.

Water coolers

Water coolers provide a ready flow of cool water whenever it is needed. They can be easily positioned in communal areas and can act as a helpful reminder to hydrate as well as a tool to facilitate it.

Water boilers

Hydration can come from hot drinks too, so having a water boiler with a significant supply of hot water can make people more inclined to make a up of tea or coffee when they don’t need to stand around waiting for a kettle.

Dehydration can be a big problem at any time of year, and can have a big effect on the workplace, but taking a few simple measures can help to prevent it.

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