Safety first – science fiction becomes science fact with hands free vending machines

Safety first – science fiction becomes science fact with hands free vending machines

Published: 20th January 2021

If 2020 taught us anything, it was that innovation is everywhere. Right across the UK and in a wide range of industries, we switched to online meetings, pivoted to door-to-door deliveries and found new ways to do business across borders.

Naturally, one of the most critical areas of innovation has come with safety as the primary focus.

As more and more workplaces and venues seek to provide refreshments in a Covid-safe environment, the traditional canteen, kitchenette, breakout area and even customer reception areas have needed to evolve.

And evolve they have!

Imagine being able to top up your water bottle at the touch of a button on your phone.
Picture making a selection from a vending machine without even touching the machine.
Consider the peace of mind that antimicrobial film technology can unlock

It may sound like something from Star Trek but in reality, it is far closer to home, so close in fact, that we can offer this advanced vending machine technology to our customers right now.

Couple this with foot switches, infra-red sensors and covid-secure screens and we already have the solutions to make a difference to the modern workplace, whether you are looking after your employees, your customers or just yourself.

So whether it’s a fresh coffee, a cheeky snack, a tasty sandwich or simply to top up your water bottle, we have the covid-secure solution for you…

…even if it isn’t at your fingertips (anymore).

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