Nayax Compatible

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Nayax Compatible

Coffetek Vitro X3

The Coffetek Vitro X3 provides authentic Italian style beverages. This machine can serve any drink from its menu within seconds, making those breaks last a little longer. Allow customers to interact with the machine to customise their drinks to their liking.

Featuring a smoked glass door and touch button user interface, the machine elegantly displays a comprehensive menu of delicious tasting drinks from espressos to lattes and hot chocolate. It’s a state of the art combination that will complement any location.

Machine Features

  • Touch or touchless screen selection
  • RGB LED lighting
  • USB Connection
  • Removable tray to enable liquid waste removal without opening the machine
  • Hot water spout to avoid cross contamination between coffee and other soluble products

Drink Selection

  • Espresso
  • Coffee
  • Americano
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Cappuccino
  • Mocha
  • Latte
  • Hot Water

Machine Dimensions


Vending Solutions

Our vending solutions are designed for your convenience. We have fully managed options where we take away the hassle of looking after your Coffetek Vitro X3 machine and deliver the full package for your convenience.

We also have self-service options where you can manage your own Coffetek Vitro X3 machine on a “DIY” solution. We have a wholesale website where we can recommend products to purchase for your machine, have them delivered straight to you and you get complete control. We’ll of course still be on hand to assist in any way we can and we’ll give you training when your machine is installed.

Purchasing Options

All of our Coffetek Vitro X3 machines can be purchased outright or you can talk to us about renting / setting up a lease on our Coffetek Vitro X3.

man smiling in front of coffetek vitro table top coffee machine

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