Hydration Facts: The importance of workplace hydration

Hydration Facts: The importance of workplace hydration

Water is the source of life for almost everything on the planet. When it comes to us humans, it doesn’t just keep us alive, it benefits us in all sorts of ways that we often do not appreciate. Drinking water and staying hydrated is a key tool in staying healthy in both body and mind.

How does hydration work & How much water should I drink per day?

We all know that the best way to hydrate is to drink water, but why do we need to and what does it do? It is recommended that men drink 2.5 litres of water per day, whilst women are advised to drink 2 litres. This does vary depending on age, levels of physical activity and whether or not you are pregnant.

Our bodies are made of water!

The human brain is 95% water, the lungs are 90% and the muscles are 76%, which shows exactly how important it is to maintain good hydration levels within your body. This involves creating a water balance whereby we take in water as fast as we lose it through excretion, breathing, sweating and digestion. If we fail to maintain this balance, our lymphatic system directs water to the cells that are the most essential first, leaving others to suffer and our bodies to be less efficient.

When and what should I drink?

Whilst we can obtain some water from the food we eat, 80-90% of it should come from drinking. By drinking water in favour of other drinks, you are avoiding unnecessary sugars and calories in the quest to stay hydrated. Drinking water as regular habit instead of waiting until you are thirsty is the best approach as a thirst usually means you are already dehydrated.

What are the benefits of drinking water?

Our bodies need water for a variety of ways, but did you know that our minds do too? It has been shown that staying hydrated can actually help to improve work productivity and concentration, meaning that a good source of drinking water in the workplace really does benefit everyone. This is of particular importance if your working environment is warm and dry, as dehydration can occur more quickly than normal.

What happens if you suffer from dehydration?

If we start to suffer from any form of dehydration, we can begin to experience headaches, fatigue, lack of focus, dizziness and sometimes even fainting. Water can also help us to effectively eliminate waste from our bodies, regulate our internal temperature, lubricate joints and cushion vital organs. This means that a hydrated workforce is a much healthier and happier one.

Is there a legal requirement to have access to water in the workplace?

Workplaces are required by law to ensure employees have access to safe, clean drinking water in the form of tap water, bottled water or water coolers and doing so helps to keep your staff happy, healthy and hydrated.

Can staying hydrated improve productivity?

Hydration has so many benefits, and they are all factors which should be important to an employer. Installing a source of fresh water such as a water cooler or vending machine can help to ensure that all your staff stay on the right track and can help increase the productivity of your business for a seemingly minimal cost.

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Hydration Facts: The importance of workplace hydration

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