How Fully Managed Vending Can Benefit Your Business

Published: 26th January 2023

A growing trend for many businesses now is to install at least one vending machine. Whether this is in a break room for your staff, or a public space, it can be a great way to earn some extra money for your business. In the past, many businesses have been put off by the idea of keeping track of stock and looking after the vending machine, but now, fully managed vending services are here to make having a vending machine as easy as possible.

What is fully managed vending?

In days gone by you would be required to keep a close eye on your vending machine to check when it was running low on stock. You would then need to pick the perfect moment to reorder and fill the machine up on a regular basis. This often proved to be a lot of hassle, and businesses were left with excess stock that wasn’t selling.

Fully managed vending has been designed to take all of these headaches away. Once your vending machine is in place and you have decided what you want to fill it with, your vending management company will take care of all the rest. Many machines now have the capability to digitally record sales, making it much easier to see when something is running low and when something isn’t selling, making reordering much more accurate.

Your vending manager will then come on site to restock your machine whenever it needs it, without you ever having to lift a finger. They will also take care of any maintenance that is needed as well as the cleaning, which is particularly important when you stock hot drinks machines which have pipes that need a regular clean.

How can this benefit your business?

Having this sort of setup in your business gives you a stress-free way to manage your vending options. There does not need to be a dedicated member of staff giving up valuable time to look after the machine, and there is less money wasted on stock that doesn’t sell.

However, vending machines can be big money spinners, especially now they come equipped with contactless payment technology, meaning that they can quietly sit at the heart of your business, bringing in money without causing you any hassle at all. It’s like having a silent salesperson on your staff!

Vending machines in the workplace have also proved to be a winner with staff, who enjoy the wide range of options that they bring. Machines now can offer everything from barista style coffee to salads, sandwiches and fresh fruit as well as the traditional cold drinks, crisps and snacks. The combination of choice and convenience has been proven to boost both productivity and satisfaction amongst staff who enjoy having easy food and drink options at their fingertips.

Your customers will love it too, as it is now easier than ever to buy something when they need it. Whether they need something to recover after a tough gym session, a coffee to pass the time while the kids play or a snack to ease the pressure of a ‘hangry’ child, they now have something quick and easy to hand.

By having a fully managed option, your machine will always be filled with the things that people want, ensuring that they are more likely to spend their money with you, and to keep choosing to visit your business over the competition.

Fully managed vending is now becoming the obvious choice for businesses who want to offer more convenience without giving themselves more work. It can be a great way to keep staff, customers and owners happy all at once!

Interested in Fully Managed Vending?

If our fully managed vending service is appealing to you, why not acquire our service today? Our service helps your vending machine stay stocked with all your favourite products, along with regular maintenance to ensure your vending machine is fully functional at all times. Our fully managed vending service makes your vending machine stress-free, so enquire today by contacting our team on 01157 845 845, or email us on sales@cemavending.co.uk.

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