Fresh thinking as ‘new normal’ changes food and drink supply in the modern workplace

Fresh thinking as ‘new normal’ changes food and drink supply in the modern workplace

There is no doubt that the pandemic has changed the way we live and work, perhaps forever.

At this time of the year, many employers are seeking ways to support their team with healthier options when it comes to their snacks and wider food and drink choices.

There will always be space in any organisation for tasty treats of course (ours included) and the vending machines that we provide will always ensure that we look after the widest possible range of tastes and dietary requirements.

However, one thing that we have noticed ever since businesses began to reevaluate their refreshment offerings in the early days of the pandemic is the increasing number of requests for a fresh food delivery service.

This is not always intended to replace the current canteen or traditional kitchen offering, it is often being brought in to augment an existing refreshment service or to reduce the need for personnel resources in the food services team at different times of demand.

Let’s help you secure a morale victory 

Many of our customers came to us seeking fresh fruit deliveries to boost the wellbeing and health of their team, whilst others have asked us to bolt on tasty treat boxes or our unrivalled range of hot drinks, a service we can offer through our sister company, R+R Hub.

Come the summer and we will be out in our beautifully air-conditioned vans, delivering a fantastic range of refreshing cold drinks and even the occasional bowl of strawberries and cream!

That’s because we all know that regular refreshments that your employees can tuck into at their own convenience play a huge part in helping to facilitate a culture based on health, care and also a wider commitment to simply ensuring that the working day is a pleasure for everyone.

The great news is that all of our refreshment options are available as a one off or weekly delivery, enabling you to order to suit the needs of your employees and your workplace.

How’s that for fresh thinking?

R+R Hub delivery truck

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