East Midlands Favourite Vending Snack

East Midlands Favourite Vending Snack

Published: 11th March 2021

Snacks. We all love them, from crisps and biscuits to confectionery and sweets. We’re a nation of snack lovers and in 2018/19 alone, the average person would consume up to 62 grams of crisps per week. Now that’s a lot of crisps.

Some eating habits are changing however both pre-coronavirus and during the pandemic. Many of us are trying to adapt our snacking habits for healthier alternatives or in the case of the pandemic, indulge in our favourite snacks – and stock up on favourites too!

This got us thinking, and so we decided to dive into our commercial vending machines to see what individuals had been grazing on whilst they were at work. Usually, you’ll find our vending machines popped up across the East Midlands in commercial office environments as well as leisure centres and so we couldn’t wait to see what came out on top.

What is the East Midlands snacking on?

The top 3 edible items we found were, McCoys Flamed Grilled Crisps, Nestle Randoms and FC Bakewell Flapjacks. For drinks, you can probably guess, Coke was our number one seller, both as a Can and Bottle.

Battle of the Crisps

From our data, there appears to be a fairly even spread among favourite crisps. McCoys are clearly in the lead as the top brand for grazing. Surprisingly, it seems sweets won over chocolate in our Sweet category however the more confectionery based chocolates weren’t far behind when it came to old-school favourites such as Twix and Snickers.

Keep your office stocked up!

We’re specialists in providing office and commercial environments with a range of food and drink vending machines. If you fancy a barrister style coffee in the morning or a quick pick-me-up flapjack before your next meeting, find out how we can help keep your employees replenished and hydrated.

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