Covid, chaos and the great canteen closure – but what are the alternatives?

Covid, chaos and the great canteen closure – but what are the alternatives?

Published: 26th February 2021

If there was one thing that was certain for office managers and facilities personnel in 2020, it was uncertainty. As the calendar ticked over into the new year, many businesses had already been assessing their refreshment provision for their staff, given the interruption to daily routines, shift patterns and Tier upgrades and downgrades.

It has meant that planning has been incredibly challenging, especially where food and drinks have traditionally been provided on-site for employees.

Last year saw us working with many new clients who brought us in to supplement their existing canteen-based approach to refreshment with fresh deliveries, adding a crucial element of flexibility to their offering to staff.

What are the canteen alternatives?

We’ve listened and learned from a lot of clients in the last 9 months, adapting our own services to help them provide the kind of services that an ever-changing workforce and rota still demands.

There is a balance, a hybrid model, where we work alongside the existing canteen provision of course but right now, many businesses are having to close canteens entirely to save costs and to increase the safety of their refreshment offering from a human-to-human transmission perspective.

Fresh thinking

The good news is that there are plenty of ways to take up the strain or indeed pick up the slack with an outsourced canteen alternative. Here at Cema Vending we offer a daily delivery service and can replenish your vending machines 24 hours a day.

Forget about the traditional snacks and crisps you might think about with a vending machine, the market has evolved. We can offer fresh bean-to-cup coffee and have fresh sandwiches delivered daily into your vending machines.*

Missing a hot meal? Don’t worry! The technology is there to provide hot food vending too and should the need arise we can also bring buffets to your site for those crucial meetings,

Oh, don’t worry about the sweet stuff, we’ve got you covered with treats too, whether delivered to your site or safely tucked away in your vending machines.

The best bit is that all of this is possible 24/7 without the need for cash or even personnel to provide the service.

Sound good? We know that right now things seem impossible to plan for. Why not buy yourself some time, some options and some much needed flexibility by considering our range of canteen alternatives?

We’re here to help.

Have you heard about our sister company R+R Hub?

These “micromarkets” transform breakouts, boasting a custom designed, unattended, cashless, self-serve checkout. Employees can make purchases 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are able to choose from a selection of fresh foods, snacks and beverages.

If that sounds intriguing to you, you can discover more here.

*If you don’t have a machine, talk to us about what works best for you. We have a wide range of options including pre-owned and reconditioned models.

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