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Not feeling festive yet? Fear not, it’s Christmas Jumper Day!

Some say that Christmas really begins on the 1st December when we start scoffing advent calendar chocs.

Others are more traditional and maintain that it is all about when they first hear Michael Buble or Mariah Carey on the radio.

The debate will rage but there’s one thing for sure, in the Christmas workplace, it all really starts kicking off on Christmas Jumper Day, even if this year, many of us will be doing this apart!

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So what is Christmas Jumper Day all about?

Other than a great chance to wear some truly dubious knitwear, Christmas Jumper Day is all for a good cause and is organised by the awesome Save The Children charity.

They ask you to wear and share your most festive jumper for the day and to kindly donate £2 to their cause.

Estimates suggest that over 20,000 schools and more than £1m people have already registered to take part which is going to raise some fantastic funds once again this year.

It always falls on the second or third Friday in December (today being the 11th) so if you fancy joining in the fun, you can register on the dedicated website just here.

Here’s wishing them, all of the children they support and indeed all of you a very merry Christmas from all of us.

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