Can Healthy Eating Really Impact Productivity at Work?

Can Healthy Eating Really Impact Productivity at Work?

Published: 29th August 2023

When you run a business, one of your biggest priorities is to make sure that everyone within it is pulling in the same direction. That means ensuring that your employees are as productive as possible at all times.

You probably have systems in place to make their work more efficient and an environment that boosts how people work, but have you ever thought that diet might have an impact too?

There are now many studies that show how eating healthily can increase productivity at work, so in this article, we take a look at what kind of difference it can make.

Being hungry

We all know that when we are hungry, it is difficult to think about anything else, and this can prove to be a problem at work. Being hungry acts as a significant distraction, and the amount of work that is being completed will go down as the hunger pangs take hold. Therefore, making sure there is food to hand such as a bowl of fruit can help keep people going until lunchtime.

Energy boosts

Everyone has experienced that lull in the middle of the morning or a couple of hours after lunch. We can start to feel tired and lack a bit of motivation. This is often because the energy levels that were given to us by our breakfast or lunch have now depleted, and we are left struggling to get ourselves going.

Often, we can feel tempted to reach for a strong cup of coffee or a snack laden with sugar for an instant energy boost, but in reality, the healthier option might be the better one. It’s true that caffeine and sugar can give us an energy hit, but this is often short-lived, and usually closely followed by a crash.

Choosing something healthy such as fruit or nuts as an alternative can be a far better choice as it releases energy more slowly, keeping you sustained for a much longer period of time. This means that employees are able to be productive for longer, which works in everyone’s favour.

Cognitive impact

Healthy eating doesn’t just impact on how much energy we have to work, but also the way in which we do it. Certain foods actually boost how our brain functions, so having these to hand at work in some form can help everybody.

Certain foods have been found to improve things such as memory, concentration and cognitive performance, which ultimately all help to improve productivity in the workplace.

A healthy diet is a great way to boost productivity at work, but as an employer, you cannot be held responsible for the diets of those who work for you. However, providing some healthy choices at work can help to guide people in the right direction and give them a boost while they are at work.

This can be easily achieved by organising regular deliveries of fresh food or installing food vending machines that offer salads, yoghurts and other healthy snacks in place of the traditional offerings of crisps and chocolate.

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