Can Coffee Breaks Really Help Staff Productivity?

Can Coffee Breaks Really Help Staff Productivity?

Published: 18th December 2023

For many of us, our morning routine involves a cup of coffee in order to get us going, and it can feel as though we can’t function without it. It therefore makes sense that that there is a direct link between coffee breaks and productivity when we are at work as well.

In this article, we take a look at why so many businesses are now installing coffee vending machines in an effort to give everybody’s work a bit of a boost.

Coffee Highlights

Coffee is not just a popular drink, it is a way of life, and this is why:

Staff morale

With 87% of UK employees stating that small office perks make a big difference to staff retention; it is easy to see why offering high quality coffee vending machines at work can be so important. Providing a break from work with something better tasting than the usual instant offerings, it is possible to show staff that you value them and help to boost morale amongst a team.

When people feel good about the place that they work, they are more likely to work harder for it, and so productivity can see an upturn simply by showing staff that you care about them.

Team bonding

It can be quite easy to make a cup of coffee and keep it on your desk while you work, but taking proper coffee breaks at work can have a positive effect. By taking a step away from the computer and enjoying a break, it can not only provide the opportunity to recharge the batteries, but also to interact with other employees in a more relaxed and comfortable environment.

The social aspect of an office coffee break can be very important when it comes to creating stronger bonds amongst a team, or even establishing new connections with people from other departments that would not normally spend much time together. When a team starts to interact with one another in this way, it can help to form much stronger working relationships, allowing ideas to flow more freely and productivity to increase as a result.

Cognitive benefits

We all know that the caffeine from coffee can give us a boost of energy, but it has other positive effects as well. Numerous studies have found that coffee is capable of helping us to improve our short-term memory, making reactions more accurate, boosting concentration and improving motor and cognitive functions. By sharpening the mind as well as the energy levels, a coffee break means that employees don’t just work harder, but better as well.


For most people, work means stress, and so a regular coffee break allows employees to help their own wellbeing. The brief distraction can help to relieve stress and improve both physical and mental health issues, ensuring that everyone in the business is both happier and healthier.

As an employer, encouraging a regular coffee break by installing things like coffee vending machines can be exactly what your employees need to boost their productivity and be happier at work.

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