5 Moral Boosting Workplace Trends!

5 Moral Boosting Workplace Trends!

Published: 29th June 2023

The wellbeing and morale of your workforce is incredibly important, and a lot of focus is now being thrown at this subject by a great number of businesses. This is because happy employees tend to be more productive and loyal employees, which is something that every business wants. There are now a number of trends entering workplaces that can help to boost morale, so we have taken a look at some of the best ones.

Remote working

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, remote working seemed to be unthinkable for most businesses, but that idea was transformed in an instant. Having spent large amounts of time working from home, many employees now rank this as being extremely important to them.

It saves them on travel costs as well as the stress of the morning commute, allows them to work in a more comfortable environment and lets them work around family commitments. Many employers have found that productivity remains the same and can even be higher when staff are allowed to work remotely, and so this has become a common fixture.

Many workplaces now offer some form of hybrid working where it is practical to do so, and it is keeping a lot of employees very happy indeed.

Barista coffee

Once upon a time, when making a cup of coffee most of us were happy with a spoonful of freeze-dried instant in a mug, and maybe a drop of milk, but coffee culture has hit the UK hard, and now everyone wants something different.

The queues outside of the massive coffee chains show you that most employees would now rather have a skinny caramel macchiato with almond milk and an extra shot of espresso than anything they can whip up with a kettle and a teaspoon, and many businesses are responding to this.

There is currently a big trend for installing specialist coffee machines that can provide barista style coffee to suit any taste and all in an instant. It not only saves on the amount of time employees spend going out to get their coffees, but it is also seen as an extremely valuable perk by many, and helps to keep the mood, and the caffeine levels high.

Team building

Team building used to be a term that will fill many employees with dread, but there is now a much greater trend for these kinds of activities, as the emphasis has changed a little. Whilst the team building of the past might have been a workshop or a paintballing session, there are now some incredibly creative options out there for employers to choose from, making it easier than ever to find something that suits the people that work within your business.

With an upturn in working from home, there can be a degree of disconnect between team members, and so the idea of team building exercises is proving popular for both staff and managers. However, the fact that many of these can be done virtually has meant that it provides an easy way to include everyone, even those who might be based overseas.

It could be something as simple as a Zoom quiz or even an online murder mystery. These online team building events can be run in isolation or to supplement face-to-face ones, and often prove popular as there are no transportation and parking hassles, and no-one needs to worry about what they are wearing.


Wellness is now a big topic in most workplaces as it has a direct impact in how employees feel and perform. No-one will have escaped the fact that cases of anxiety and depression are on the rise, and much of this is often attributed to work.

This can lead to employees struggling in their roles or taking a lot of time off sick, which can make the situation worse and can leave businesses trying to fill the void. Many businesses have now incorporated wellness initiatives into the things that they do, and it has proved to be a hit.

You might want to offer meditation or yoga classes, stress management or life coaching, or even financial advice to help tackle some of the most common problems that people can face.

Your employee benefits could include a discount on a local gym subscription or meal services, or even links to therapists and support groups.

Creating clubs and groups within the business can help to fight the loneliness that some remote workers might feel, and adding the odd social event to the calendar gives people the chance to form more meaningful bonds. You could even do something as simple as creating a calm and quiet space that people can retreat to for a short time if they feel as though things are getting too much for them.


An army marches on its stomach and so does your workplace. We all know how being hungry can affect our mood at times, so having a choice of refreshments on hand is always a popular choice.

However, with wellbeing in mind, more workplaces are trying to offer a little variety, and installing vending machines which offer a wider variety of foods.

Instead of simply providing crisps and chocolates, these machines now include a number of healthy choices from fruit and salads to soup and yoghurts to make sure that everyone in the building is satisfied, healthy and energised in a sustainable way that avoids the inevitable sugar high and ensuing crash.

The majority of our time is spent at work, and so it is important to be happy while you are there. Those who are not, often do not give their all, become ill or leave the business altogether, which can cause a great number of problems for everyone concerned.

By making sure that team morale stays high, you can keep a lot of these problems at bay, which not only helps to keep the people you have, but also boosts your reputation as an employer when it comes to attracting new talent.

Adopting some or all of these workplace trends can change the way that your business works and the way that the people within it feel, and that can only be a good thing.

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